Main Entrance and Lobby

Our entrance has gently sloped access with no steps.


The rear of the hall has french doors with ramp and step access.

Dinedor Village Hall car park


Our hall is spacious, bright and well proportioned. Our guests can arrange tables and chairs just as they want.



The hall is perfect for presentations and meetings.


Kitchen and Serving Area

Our serving area has ample room to provide refreshments to your guests.


Our kitchen is equipped for the full preparation of hot meals.

Dinedor Village Hall inside

Car Park

Our main car park is at the rear of the hall, overlooking the beautiful Herefordshire countryside.

Dinedor Village Hall

There are several additional parking spaces at the front of the building.

Dinedor Village Hall is a registered charity (No. 10324590) and is also recognised by HMRC as a charity for tax purposes. As such we can claim back gift aid on both ad hoc and regular charitable donations to the Village Hall. Please contact us if you need a Charity Gift Aid Declaration form.