Welcome to our Community Hub

Welcome to our Community Hub

We are setting up a Talk Community Hub at Dinedor Village Hall. This is planned to be available as soon as possible after the COVID lockdown ends.

What is a Talk Community Hub?

Herefordshire Council are developing a network of community hubs aiming to support local wellbeing and needs. You can find the main Herefordshire Talk Community website here.

What services will it provide?

We are planning to offer support for accessing services on the internet. This might involve anything from helping you find a cheaper electricity provider, to showing you how to access email. This can be done on the Hub’s own computer or on your own. We’ll provide the internet connection at the village hall. Volunteers will be available to help you during coffee mornings or at other given times in the village hall.

We will encourage more use of the village hall by groups within the community that wish to make use of the facilities. This may be for interest, learning or fitness.

We are keen to provide other community services as well, why not contact us here and tell us what you need.