Presentations at Dinedor Village Hall

Whether your event is a wedding, guest speaker or business presentation, Dinedor Village Hall is perfectly suited for it. The hall is spacious and well proportioned, without obstructions such as columns. The ceiling consists of acoustic tiles to improve audibility.

Presentations can be done in a portrait room layout with the presenter at one end of the room, or in a landscape room layout. We recommend the latter as it works better with our lighting, sound and projector set-up.

A training course at Dinedor Village Hall

Public Address System

Our PA system includes radio microphones (i.e. without leads) a hearing loop and loudspeakers set into the ceiling. We have both a hand-held microphone and a clip-on microphone, which can be used at the same time if there is more than one presenter. The hearing loop is compatible with hearing aids that have the ‘T’ switch enabled. The speaker volume can be changed between each side of the hall, so if the hall is being used in landscape layout, the volume can be increase at the back.

We provide instructions on how to use the PA system and we can set it up for you, if you wish. Please tell us at the time of booking if you are planning to use the PA system.

The hall has a PPL PRS license, which means that hirers can use copyrighted audio in their presentations. This includes music, interviews and recordings from public radio.

Computer presentations

We can provide a projector for presentations (please note that there is a small additional charge for this on your booking) and a screen if required. We have generally found however that where a landscape room layout is used, it is best just to project directly onto the wall.


The hall lighting is subtly built into the ceiling. The four rows of lights can be independently dimmed to provide the optimal set-up for the presentation.

High-speed broadband

The hall has fibre-to-the-premise high-speed broadband, which is suitable for streaming of high quality video and music. The broadband can also be used to live-stream a presentation via services such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This allows those that are unable to be at the hall in person, to view and participate in the presentation.

To use our broadband, just connect to our wi-fi using the details given on our noticeboard.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of all our hall users is very important to us. Find out more here.

Dinedor Village Hall is a registered charity (No. 10324590) and is also recognised by HMRC as a charity for tax purposes. As such we can claim back gift aid on both ad hoc and regular charitable donations to the Village Hall. Please contact us if you need a Charity Gift Aid Declaration form.