Health and Safety at Dinedor Village Hall

The health and safety of our hall users is very important to us. We aim to provide healthy and safe conditions, equipment and systems for everyone at the hall.

Heart attacks and defibrillator

A heart attack is an extremely traumatic and life-threatening event. However, a rapid response can greatly improve the outcome. Dinedor Village Hall has defibrillator, it is fitted in an outside cabinet, next to the kitchen door. You do not need any training to use this, just follow the instructions to attach it to the patient, then the defibrillator will decide itself whether a shock needs to be applied.

Accidents and first aid

A first aid box is located in the kitchen along with an accident book. Where an accident occurs, we would appreciate it if the event organiser could add an entry in the accident book and report it back to the booking clerk at From this, we will try to ensure that a similar accident does not happen again.

Using electrical devices

Small electrical appliances such as kettles are regularly PAT tested. Where a hall user accidentally finds themselves in a situation where an electrical shock could occur, they are protected by a residual current device (RCD). This switches off the electrical supply before a shock would occur.

Fire Precautions

The hall has a fire alarm, marked fire exits and emergency lighting. The fire alarm is not connected to the fire service. There are also fire extinguishers in the lobby, kitchen and main hall. The equipment is regularly checked and tested. The electrical installation is also serviced at regular intervals and a residual current device is fitted to reduce the risk of electrical fires.

Health and safety in our hiring agreement

The hiring agreement that we send to all our hirers includes details of our and your responsibilities to ensure that all visitors to the hall have a safe as well as enjoyable visit. Before your first hiring of the hall, the booking clerk (or other hall committee representative) will take you through basic safety information such as location of fire exits and mustering point, the location of the first aid box, emergency contacts and so on. They will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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